Neuroscience in the Workplace

Rewire Your Brain for Success - For Employees, Managers and Leaders

Let's not play around here - let's get to right down to it shall we. How would you like to:

  • increase your work performance
  • be able to learn and retain information easier than ever before
  • feel better than you have ever felt before
  • free yourself from past conditioning
  • relinquish the perception that you should feel guilty and ashamed by past experiences
  • live a life of extraordinary feats - one that you truly believe is only designed for a select few (what a lie!)

If you are anything like me, you would say - hell yeah! Who would not want these things? You can learn how to free yourself from your past conditioning. You can lose the effects of false beliefs and you can step into a life so foreign to you right now, but one that will become the cornerstone of your life and the foundation for your family's families to come. Break the cycle of poverty mentality, a sense of lack and all things that weigh you down today! Let it go, once and for all and learn how to train your brain to see life differently.

Thomson Reuters is just one of many organizations turning to neuroscience to help employees work better, perform better, learn better and feel better. Neuroscience covers many different areas, including learning and memory, how brains develop and the effect of things such as stress on the brain and behavior. And who does not experience some form of stress in the workplace? Neuroscience also helps you understand how to change self-sabotaging habits, thoughts and behaviors. It shows you how to rewire your brain for success.

People are not robots; we are all individual personalities, we have ideals and dreams of our own, and at the end of it all, we all want to work in a workplace that fosters better performance through positive reinforcement vs the old stick and carrot method.

Let neuroscience help you rewire your brain for success, allowing you to create a better workplace for yourself and all.

It is possible.

It is doable.

And it is essential to take your business into the next era of success and sustainability.

Experts in neuroscience and psychology are combining to improve understanding of employee behaviour in an effort to boost employee engagement. Understanding the way neuroscience and psychology works can make a huge difference in attracting the right talent, retaining high-performing employees and fostering collaborative and cohesive teams to deliver on company objectives.

A happy workforce is a productive one, so understanding human dynamics and the impact that neuroscience has on individuals will allow you to recreate a warm and welcoming working environment. One that is not driven by fear, but by respect and appreciation for one another. It will help employees want to achieve more, to better their performance and to understand where they need to change for this to happen.

With this as the foundation for your organization's culture, value and ethics, you will go a long way in creating a workplace that people will vie to work for. Emotional Intelligence is nothing without the input of neuroscience and the ability it has to assist in the progress of human development.

Your Instructor

Jennifer L. Breakey
Jennifer L. Breakey

Jennifer L. Breakey grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and lived and worked in Europe for a few years. She has one daughter who was born in London, UK and who is now married and living in the USA. Jennifer studied HR & Business Management, Achieving Competitive Excellence, and Exponential Coaching. She is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLPSA), Reiki Master and Energy Re-Sourcing™ Practitioner.

Jennifer worked in the Corporate world for over two decades in multiple industries as an HR Director and Executive for the latter part of her career. She has been a leader of large HR Teams and has mentored and coached leaders in their own fields. She is a firm advocate of transforming lives from within and her expertise lies in business, emotional, human and personal intelligence and transformation. She helps her clients debunk the myths and lies they believe about themselves and the world, and brings them to a place of peace within themselves, from which they can then clearly see issues which they need to release so that they can move forward to live rich and rewarding lives.

She has a firm understanding of the employment relationship and understands what it takes to mediate between employee and employer, keeping the best interest of the business always at heart. Executives need to have both personal and business acumen and this has led Jennifer to incorporate building best businesses through the transformation of lives into AGORA Academy™.

With her focus on From Chaos to Purpose, she has incorporated various courses and programs in her Online Academy to help students achieve the changes and success they are looking for.

Jennifer believes that once you are able to strip away all that you are not, and when you work from the core of who you are, then anything is possible.

Jennifer and her daughter, Julia.

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